Save Energy and Money


Why should you make your home airtight?

Properly installed air tightness systems save energy and can dramatically reduce your heating costs. Warm air is prevented from leaking through structural gaps and cold air is then unable to enter your home resulting in:

> Reduced Heating Costs
> Improved Comfort
> Improved Air Quality
> Protection from Condensation

What's Involved?

To make a home airtight, involves creating an internal envelope around the complete building. To ensure air thghtness, all gaps and cracks are sealed. The home is then tested to check for air leakage. Kerr Developments Ltd has the expertise and knowledge to provide an air tight system.

This show that the gap of just 1 millimeter can reduce your insulation efficiency by a factor of 4.8.


This is another example of how it is important to consider all these technologies together.
There is no point having loads of insulation without having it properly fitted in an air tight manner.

We at Kerr Developments Ltd have been trained to fit in the corrent manner. You must have the confidence to trust the contractor to fit all that you cannot see under the plasterboard correctly.

The efficency is in the detail under the finishes.

Part of what we do is the fault correction from clients that have trusted a contractor to do the job correctly.
Poorly fitted insulation is a major fault.

A picture showing the reason why this wall always felt cold.

Gaps in the insulation, when we opened the wall this is what we found.

This is what we found when we opened a sloped section of ceiling in a cold room.

Insulation with air gaps is pointless.
"Get the job done" attitude results in this.

This problem is not discoverable until a cold winter or hot summer, causes an investigation.
- The contractor responsible is well gone

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