Heat Recovery Systems


Kerr Developments provides heat recovery solutions for both, new homes and houses built years ago. Current Building Regulation require all homes to be ventilated which results in an extra 50% energy requirement for heating. Whilst this is reason enough, there are many reasons for choosing controlled ventilation for your home.

Why choose a Heat Recovery System that provides Controlled Infernal Ventilation?

> Energy savings

> Reduced heating cost

> Improved air quality in your home (elimination of mould growth, allergies, etc.)

> Protects the value of your property

> No dips in temperature or draft as with window ventilation or holes in the walls

Building Regulations

We apply so much effort to seal the house and stop drafts, yet building regulations state that vents (holes) are to be put into the walls in each room to provide fresh air. If you add the area of all these 'holes', it equates to leaving an outside door open! This method of ventilation is the law, yet allows a massive heat loss. However, there is a better way.


Use of a Central Ventilation System

Central ventilation plants from Genvex with integrated heat pump and heat recovery offer the optimum solution for systematic energy-saving ventilation of new and rehabilitated housing.

Controlled internal ventilation
When using controlled internal ventilation, fresh air is drawn in through a fan, then filtered for dust, harmful substances and pollen. Then it is distributed to the various rooms through a pipe system. Another pipe system discharges damp stale air to the outside.

Lower heating costs through heat recovery
Heat recovery means heat is extracted from the outgoing air using a special method and transferred to the incoming air in a heat exchanger. Up to 95% of the heat energy in the stale extracted internal air can be retained.

How does an air extract system work?
Air extract systems divert energy from the outgoing air. The recovered heat is then transferred to the domestic hot water system as required. In an air extract system, fresh air enters the house through various inlets in the external walls.

Kerr Developments Limited, Suppliers of Genvex Ventilation Systems

Kerr Development provides full advice on choosing the right system for you home, including design, installation and service. We take care of any associated building works which might be required in conjunction with installing the system in an existing property. We are suppliers of Genvex Ventilation Systems for advanced ventilation appliance

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