Heat Recovery with Heat Pump


The Air to Air Heat Pump is similar to Geothermal except that it is more efficient and less expensive.

This pump will keep your house at constant temperature without additional heating. With efficiencies of 5:1 (COP) for the heat pump with heat recovery of up to 7:1 at -5 deg. c.


GE Premium 2 is used in ventilation systems where balanced ventilation heat recovery and warm/cool supply air is needed. At first the heat will be recovered in the counter current heat exchanger and then further heat will be supplied to the supply air by the heat pump. During the summer the heat pump can switch to a cooling mode which means that the heat pump will supply cooling to the supply air.

Unlike geothermal, this system does not rely on soil temperature or soil moisture content. This system will maintain a balanced temperature in the moderate months (March - October) . In a well sealed and insulated house (B rated up), no other heating/cooling would be required. The cooler months are supplemented by a efficient boiler to complement the ventilation heat pump.

If you fit a heat pump on a different source, i.e. geothermal or air to water, you will still require a heat recovery system to achieve an energy efficient home.

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