New Build

From a green field to a finished house, we do it all.
With our long history of customer satisfaction, you would guaranteed a quality product delivered on time and on budget

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Homes need to ventilate, this is important for the building fabric and the people that live in the home. KerrEco Build will design, install and commission NZEB standard ventilation systems.

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Extend your home to maximize its potential and enjoyment for the whole family. A well planned and seamless extension thats care and skill to achieve its purpose. We at Kerr Developments Ltd have the time and experience to help you through the process

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Renovate an existing house to modernize and bring up to date using the latest heating, electrical, insulation and heat recovery systems available . We at KerrDev Ltd have the stuff and knowledge to pull the whole package together

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A conversion is an ideal way of increasing your space within the existing footprint of the house, be it an attic conversion or a garage conversion. We can help you achieve with minimum disruption to your home

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One of the simplest addition to your home, extending your living space to bring you into the garden. Talk to us to discuss the many different options available

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